Review: A Philosophy of Software Design

You have been in technology for a minute or two, and now have become a picky reader. Your reading list is full, but your next pick is a careful one. You hope it holds up to your expectations, and... surprises you. How often does that happen now? Twice, three times in a good year? A book that stands out among your recent picks... more

Review: Simulations in Swift 5

I have been curious about Swift for the past few weeks. Mostly because of all the attention Apple is giving to it. This book was among those I picked up to study the language. When I saw that one reviewer on Amazon gave this book a bad rating, for the wrong reasons, I decided to write one and have it here... more

Email clients hacks that almost worked

Email clients are incredibly versatile tools. And yet, over the years, I stopped making them do things they were not meant for. The hacks described here worked for a while. Sometimes years. But I ultimately switched to easier and better methods. In this writing, I reflect on what went wrong and why... more

Using python m switch

Core Python developer, Brett Cannon, wrote a compelling case for python -m pip. We can do better. Let's use python -m everywhere. What about building a tooling ecosystem a la golang around python -m... more

Solving search for developers

Search has become difficult for developers. I am proposing a simple solution that has been working for me for a few years now. The main realization was that developer searches are mostly keyword-based. That brings us a simple solution that uses bookmarks... more